About & Recommendations

Guppies and Goggles Swimming School is a Parkhurst based swim school where we offer an outdoor heated pool suitable for all ages.

We use the following  “show, practice” teaching axiom, and work at the child’s pace to build their confidence.
Confident swimmer’s love their swimming and will take this life skill through life with them.

Being able to swim safely and enjoy swimming is a life skill that one cannot go without.

Learning to swim before I could walk thanks to my granny who was a Wits swimmer thereafter taking formal lessons under Bernard Green at the Yeoville Swimming Pool,  Swimming Squad in Primary school under Clarry Escreet and in High School training with the squad but never competing due to  not enjoying the competitive side of swimming.

With water being a sensory environment we are keen to incorporate sensory activities into our classes to help develop our swimmers skills in the pool and in life.


Sophia Lebusa:  Diana has been my daughters swimming coach for the past 5 years. My daughter started swimming lessons at the age of six years. To date she is 10 years. When Bontle first came for her lesson, she had never been in a pool before. Although her excitement for attending a swimming lesson was short lived by her fear for actually being in water, she has managed to learn through Diana’s help and support.  I have seen her help my daughter overcome her fear for water and actually helping her to start enjoying the water and learning so much from her. Through all these years she has been very patient and supportive to Bontle. Never for once has she pushed Bontle into anything she is not comfortable with. She has helped her learn through play, while paying attention to the most crucial needs in swimming. She has and outstanding personality that helps children trust her in an instant, which I feel makes her a great coach. Under her strong and intelligent coaching guidance, Bontle has grown from being water shy to qualify for a place in the swimming team at her school. She still continues to guide and encourage her through her lessons. I feel that she has turned Bontle into a water baby, she is a marvel to watch when she is in the water. To me, Diana has a passion for what she does and it manifests in her students. Her confidence, knowledge and dedication is what makes her an excellent swimming coach. Swimming is one sport were one should be able to trust their coach in whatever new move or trick they teach and Diana has achieved that with flying colours. I would definitely recommend Diana as a coach to any new student.

Andrea Mann:  Diana taught my daughter, Sheah, swimming for approximately 3 years, and was possibly the best thing that happened to her swimming.   Not only did Sheah absolutely LOVE Diana and her lessons, but by the time we left, Sheah at aged 7, was now ready for squad training and for beginning her open water swimming.   She has just recently done her first kids’ triathlon which included a 50m open water swim and she coped with it beautifully.   I can honestly say we are so glad to have had Diana teach our daughter.

Ashley Rhodes:  Diana , our 5 year-old daughter’s swimming instructor. Previous attempts at teaching our daughter to swim had proven unsuccessful and traumatic, but this all changed when Haeleigh was introduced to Teacher Diana. Haeleigh relates well to Diana’s creative approach of teaching, as it’s age appropriate, and makes learning to swim fun and exciting.

Diana is unbelievably patient and extremely supportive, and has allowed our daughter to progress at her own comfortable pace. She is able to relate to Haeleigh’s anxiety when trying new things, and constantly reassures her that she’s making progress. Haeleigh has become very confident, and with Diana’s continued recognition and encouragement, she’s now starting to become more independent in the water.

In the 7 months that our daughter has been attending swimming lessons, she has come to fully trust Diana, and eagerly anticipates having more fun while learning at her next swimming lesson.

Yasmin Mayet:  I met Diana mid-January 2018 with the intention of becoming more confident in the water. By mid-February 2018, under the guidance and supervision of Diana I am able to swim all 4 strokes confidently and at a good speed. By the end of February, Diana has me looking forward to swimming Midmar  in 2019. Even though I have already accomplished my intended goal of being a confident swimmer, I have decided to spend more time with Diana doing strength and resistance training.