Frequently asked questions  ?

Q: Why salt water?

A: Salt water is softer the skin and provides a continuos supply of bactericide to the water rather than spiked doses like in regular Chlorinated pools.

Q: Why one on one lessons not group classes?

A: One on one classes provide concentrated teacher time and learning time one on on gives your child 30 minutes of lesson in a group class you child may only get 10 minutes of the teachers time.

Q: My child is easily distracted will one on one lessons help them?

A: Yes one on one classes work well for children who are easily distracted or lack concentration as the teacher has the time to adapt the class to your child’s need that day.

Q: My child has bee diagnosed with sensory processing disorder will a one one one lesson be better than a group lesson?

A: There is no perfect answer, work with your OT. Swimming classes can only be beneficial due to the sensory nature of swimming. If you and your OT feel one one one will be best for your child then that is your best route. As a swim instructor I can say that one on one classes allow for the sensory child to develop at their own pace with less stress than group classes.

Q: I feel my child is not making progress in group classes, should I consider moving to one on one lessons?

A: By all means consider moving to one on one lessons. Make the choice that will work best for you and your child so they can develop and make progress. Both options have their merits it boils down to what is best for your child and how will they benefit from the choice made.

Q: Are one on one lessons more expensive than group classes?

A: Yes they are as you are paying for the benefit of individualised attention and customised classes.

Q: How long will it take to learn to swim?

A: This depend of the effort you/your child make in the classes and in doing practice work outside of classes. Swimming is a life skill that is learned and become autonomous with repetition and practice. If you or your child really loves swimming it could be a lifetime of lesson, coaching and training. or it could be a few months or years. It really boils down to how each individual progresses.