Learn to Swim

Our swimming lessons  programme is aimed at kids of all ages.Starting from 2 upwards.  The programme develops skills in stages using a sensory style of swimming. Swimming should also be fun so allowing kids to play and learn through play is incorporated into my teaching style. Kids are encouraged to explore their own bodies and how they move in water whilst learning to swim. Swimming is a life skill that stays with you so making a positive start creates a lifelong love of being in and near water which in our beautiful country is part of our lifestyles.

We have chosen to go with an outdoor pool for a variety of reason the main one being air quality, which inadvertently affects water quality in that sunlight destroys harmful bacteria and chemical by products.

Why Salt water? We opted for salt water chlorination as it’s much kinder on the skin and uses less chemicals than regular chlorination so your little one’s sensitive skins wont suffer from nasty chlorine rashes and allergies.

Fees are payable Monthly in advance. No lessons will be taught unless fess are up to date.Please email info{at}guppiesandgoggles.co.za for details.